Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary Thiruvananthapuram kerala

The forests of Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary constitute the catchment of Peppara dam constructed across Karamana river and commissioned during 1983 to augment drinking water supply to Thiruvananthapuram city and suburban areas. Considering the ecological significance of the area, it was declared as sanctuary during 1983. The area was formerly a part of Paruthippally range of Thiruvananthapuram Territorial Division.
Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary Thiruvananthapuram kerala
Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary consists of Part of Palode reserve (24sq.kms) and part of Kottoor reserve (29sq.kms). The total area of the sanctuary is 53 sq.kms. The total water spread of the reservoir is 5.82 sq.kms. The sanctuary is located about 50kms. north east of Thiruvananthapuram city in Nedumangad taluk of Thiruvananthapuram district between longitude 76°40' and 77°17' east and latitude 80°7'and 8°53' north. General topography of the area is hilly with elevation varying from 100 m to 1717m. Rainfall and other climate factors are similar to that of Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary. There are 13 tribal settlements in the sanctuary. Eleven are in Athirumala section and two are in Thodayar section.

List of flora  includes in Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary - Acranthera grandiflora, Actinodaphne bourneae, Actinodaphne lanata, Actinodaphne lawsonii, Begonia canarana , Begonia cordifolia, Bulbophyllum albidum, Capparis rheedei, Cayratia pedata, Cayratia roxburghii, Ceropegia barnesii, Ceropegia beddomei, Dialium travancoricum, Didymocarpus missionis, Elaeocarpus munronii, Elaeocarpus recurvatus, Eria albiflora, Humboldtia decurrens

List of flora  includes in Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary - Tiger, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Elephant, Sambar (deer), Bonnet Macaque, Nilgiri Langur, Nilgiri Tahr 

How to get there Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary  
 Nearest railway station: Thiruvananthapuram, about 50 km from the sanctuary.
Nearest airport: Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, about 56 km from the sanctuary.
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