Veli Lake Thiruvananthapuram kerala

Veli is an ideal picnic spot, which has been developed as a tourist village  Thiruvananthapuram kerala. The placid Water of back water lake  merges here with boundless  blue of sea water. A water front park with a wadding pool ,a floating restaurant ,aqua sports facilities, and  beautiful gardens thrill children along with grown up people .Children can watch different varieties of back water fishes in the wadding pool Beautiful  statue on the  meadows and sculpture by renowned sculpture Kanayi Kunjuraman are the distinct features of veli. There are facilities for pedal boating, row boating.

Veli Lake Thiruvananthapuram kerala
 It gives an opportunity to enter the fantastic world of backwaters A visitor who sits by the side of lake will have the incredible experience. He enjoys the rhythm of lake when the small wave hits on its bank on boat racing .Floating Bridge is a new experience to those who visit there.  Floating restaurant gives them an excellent opportunity to dine on the surface of water. Then they can pass through the floating bridge to the shore of Arabian Sea .The stretch of white sand and blue water give them the ingredients for relaxation. The youth hostel at veli provides in expensive dormitory type accommodation.
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